Operation: Frostbite

Date: March 7th, 2021
Location: Maghill Paintball
Time: 10am - 4:00pm
Field fee: $15

Facebook Event: LINK

Operation: Frostbite

Game Type: Mixed

Operation Details:

Tatts Demise
Quick and .. very painful
Firing Line on Tatts

Attack & Defend
30 Minutes x2

Defenders: Each player picks a static piece of cover on the field. The Defender's goal is to stay alive for the duration of the game (30 Mins). inside the train to behind the gas station/chapel is the playing area. They must remain within 5 feet of whatever cover they pick for the duration of the game. Defenders have one life.

Attackers: Attackers spawn at the far end of the field by hut. The Defender's goal is to eliminate all defenders on the field. Attackers have unlimited lives. When hit they return to spawn and can respawn immediately.

1 Hour

Team A: Spawns behind gas station and chapel
Team B: Spawns by blue crates or entrance cars

3 Flags will be placed on the field:
1 flag inside Econolodge
1 flag inside pizza delight
1 flag in middle of field

Flags will be checked by the ref throughout the game and 1 point will be given to whichever team's flag is raised at the control point during this check. Whichever team has the most points at the end is the winner.

Attack & Defend
Remix 30 Mins x2

Attackers: Spawn at entrance cars, goal is to kill all defenders. Unlimited lives and instant respawn.

Defenders: Spawn inside or behind econo lodge. Defenders are allowed to move anywhere within econo lodge, behind econo lodge. up to but NOT under the train bridge, and up to the blue crates behind the train. I will show everyone the area on game day.

Defenders have 2 medics. It takes 30 seconds to revive a defender as a medic.

How to revive: Each medic will have a "stim pack". They will toss their stim pack at the downed player. The player holds onto the stim pack for 30 seconds. They are then revived and toss the stim pack back to the medic who can continue to use it on other defenders. The medic stays within 10 feet of the downed player during their revive.

If a medic is hit, they are out and can not be brought back into play. That is why it is important defenders keep their medics safe during revives

Trouble In Terrorist Town
However long it takes

We'll play a few matches TTT. Rules will be explained on game day. but basically each player is given a role as sheriff (1 player) , deputy, terrorist or civilian and acts accordingly.

Pistol Match
Team Deathmatch/Deathmatch

If weather permits there will be a pistols only mode played towards the end of day. Whether it is team deathmatch or deathmatch depends on the amount of players interested.

To be announced.

Additional details will be released on game day.