Game Mechanics

Getting Hit


Once hit, regardless of it being friendly fire, you enter a bleedout time. During this time, you are considered a deadman or wounded, and cannot talk. You can be revived by a Medic during this time, but once your bleedout time has elapsed, you may choose to return to spawn and respawn.
While returning to spawn, you are still considered a deadman, and may not talk.


When a player has been hit, they will enter a bleedout time. This timer will vary from game to game, but during this time a Medic may revive the wounded player. Once revived by a Medic, yell "back in" and resume play.
Wounded players may be moved by any player, by placing one hand on them, and leading them away to cover to be attended to by a Medic. 
While being revived, neither the Medic nor wounded player may use their firearms. If a Medic needs to interrupt the revive, they will need to restart their progress.


Players attempting to engage enemy players under 10 feet have the option to use surrender rules. Surrender rules, otherwise known as Bang, Bang, is when the attacking player attempts to make their enemy surrender without shooting. The defending player has the option to not accept this, and has the ability to attempt to kill the attacker before they are killed themselves. 
In order for a player to be surrendered, the attackin g player must have a clear line of sight, or make direct eye contact, with the opposing player.


In some games, we will use the Prisoner of War rule. The POW rule allows a player to be captured and held for five minutes by the enemy team. If a player is wounded, the enemy can move the player by putting their hand on the wounded player and leading them away.
Players holding a POW must secure the prisoners weapons by verbally acknowledging their existence. Once a weapon has been secured, it is considered out of play, and cannot be used while captive. If a POW is hiding a weapon on their person which has not been acknowledge by their captor, that weapon is considered still in play.
As long as a POW remains in view of their captors, they are not allowed to move and must follow directions from their captors. If the captor is not looking directly at the POW, the player is free to try and escape. If they are successfull, they may return to play and use their weapons once again.