Safety Rules

Protective Equipment

All participants attending ANB events are required to wear ballistic tested eye protection. Full face protection is also recommended, but is not a requirement. All participants must wear their eye protection at all designated times. Players who do not do so will be warned, then removed from the vent if they continue to perpetuate a risk to either themselves or others.

Safety Callouts

Whenever any of the following safety callouts are heard, stop what you're doing, repeat the safety callout for others to hear, put your gun to safe and remove your magazine. Players are asked to remain where they are until the game is resumed.

  • NO DUFF: No duff is called when a player is injured and needs assistance. Anyone with their First Aid is asked to assist.
  • CAR: Car is called when a someone or something enters the field that should not be there. Whether this is a passerby, or an animal, we will stop the game until it has been addressed. 
  • EYES: Eyes is called when eye protection has come off a player. If your eye protection has been removed, please keep your eyes covered until the game has stopped and you are able to put them back on.

Blind Fire

Blind fire is not allowed. If you are firing your weapon, you must be looking down your sight. Blind firing includes firing around corners, over bunkers, and through gaps of static cover.
If you see someone blind firing, please let a staff or admin know.

Joule Limits

All guns will be chrono'd before each match, and must fall within the limits stated below. Based on what you chrono at, you will receive rules for Medium Engagement Distance (MED).


  • 1.5 joules/ ~400fps
  • No MED
  • 0.20g - 0.30g BB weight

These weapon platforms may full auto for bursts of 1 second. Exceptions are made for LMGs, which may full auto for up to 5 second bursts. Full auto is reserved for suppression fire - get good and learn to shoot.


  • 1.9 joules
  • Semi only
  • 50 foot MED
  • 0.32g - 0.45g BB weight

Must have sidearm or secondary weapon within regular joule limits.

Sniper: 2.5 joules, 100 foot MED .

  • 2.5 joules
  • Bolt action or delayed shot
  • 100 foot MED
  • 0.32g - 0.45g BB weight

Must have sidearm or secondary weapon within regular joule limits.

HPA systems require tournament locks to insure that you cannot change your FPS/joule limit or RPS, after you have chrono'd your system.
If staff or admins suspect or are notified that you have altered your HPA system after being chrono'd, you will be asked to re-chrono. Anyone caught adjusting these systems after chrono, will be asked to leave the field. Repeat violation will result in being banned from the club and club events.